Wyrd Sisters

3rd - 6th  June 2009

Based on the book of the same name from Terry Pratchett’s hugely successful Discworld series,Wyrd Sisters tells the legend of the Lance throne as three witches (Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick) are thrust into the cutthroat world of royal succession.


Borrowing themes from Macbeth, Hamlet and Sleeping Beauty, Wyrd Sisters is a highly enjoyable comedy that looks at the effect words can have on reality.


With a cast of guards, ghosts, professional thieves, kings, fools and actors this is a production you won’t want to miss



Frances Manhire -  Granny Weatherwax

Jenni Wilkins  - Nanny Ogg

Kate Thomas -  Magrat Garlick

Shaun Barker -  Duke Felmet

Sammy Ottaway  - The Duchess

James Emmerson  - The Fool

Adam Owen-Jones -  The Ghost of King Verence

Mark Bendell -  Vitoller

Sophie Luff  - Mrs Vitoller

Chris Moore  - Hwel

Sam Emmerson  - Tomjon


Actors, Guards, Peasants and Thieves played by:

 Margaret Bond, Jon Cree, Ryan Ellis, Rachel Golby, Ben Hooper, Orla Kelly, Sophie Luff, Niall Mcglade, Amy Mules, Will Rae, Lloyd Warren & Paul Warren



Written by - Terry Pratchett

Director - Gill Cree

Producer - Hannah Brooks

Stage Manager - Michelle Young

ASM  - Ali Ransom

Scenic Artists - Karen Mitchell, Michelle Young

Set Construction - Mark Bendell, Neil Gill,   Phil Weeks

Wardrobe - Nici Buckley, Jill Euridge, Lisa Leach

Lighting & Sound - Neil Gill, Jamie Ransom, Phil Weeks

Props  - Ali Ransom, Jenny Tripp

Stage Crew - Hannah Brooks, Jenny Tripp

Chaperones - Sandi Brant, Phil Ellis, Helen Lawlor, Lisa Leach, Simon Leach, Sarah Mules,Jackie Tordini, Steve Tordini

Original Music - Simon Carter

Front of House - Members of E.L.T.C

Photography - Lewis Law

Design & Print - Backstage Supplies

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