The Great Gatsby

10th - 14th June 2014

It’s the 1920’s, the age of jazz and women’s independence; when wealth, glamour and decadence ignited public fascination for a fleeting moment in time. Jay Gatsby embraced the era as he set about acquiring all the trappings of a self-made millionaire. His biggest conquest was the young socialite, Daisy. For years, Gatsby is passionate in his pursuit of her love until it all ends tragically in this classic study of American society in the early 20th century.



in order of appearance

Jay Gatsby - Matt Ridley

Nick Carraway  - Sam Neal

Daisy Buchanan - Laura Nichol

Tom Buchanan - Simon Leach

Jordan Baker - Sammi Ottaway

George Wilson - Steve Moore

Myrtle Wilson - Vicky Halse

Meyer Wolfsheim - David Finlay

Mrs. McKee - Sara Clapp

Chester - Peter Hartnell

Mrs. Michaelis - Susan Gunn - Johnson

Policeman - Peter Hartnell

Gatsby’s Waiter - Peter Tomlinson

Party Guests - Dawn Campbell Jones, Chloe Gray & Warwick Bassett



Writer - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Adapted for the stage by Simon Levy

Director - Daniel McLoughlin

Producer - Phil Weeks

Technical Stage Manager - Mark Bendell

Assistant Stage Manager - Michelle Young

Wardrobe - Pippa Hill & Kez Chun

Properties - Michelle Young, Helen Lawlor & Joanna Austin

Lighting - Mark Bendell

Sound - Neil Gill

Set Construction/Painting & Stage Crew - Phil Weeks, Luke Farrow, Bob Guerin, Neil Gill, Helen Lawlor & Joanna Austin

Music selected by  -Daniel McLoughlin

British Sign Language Interpreter - Anna Edmonds

Front of House - Richard Satterly& Members of ELTC

Photography - Lewis Law

Design & Print  -

© Exeter Little Theatre Company        Registered Charity: 204010


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