Taming of the Shrew

21st  - 30th June 2012

She’s got an attitude…but he’s got a plan! Marriage, money and mayhem take centre stage in Shakespeare’s uproarious battle of the sexes. It’s a clash of wits and wills as fortune-hunting Petruchio drags quick-tempered Katharina to the altar to become the wife she never imagined she’d be. Can love tame a shrewish heart and surprise an unbridled bachelor?



in order of appearance

The Induction

Christopher Sly - Daniel McLoughlin

Hostess - Samantha Ottaway

Lord - Steve Moore

Lord’s friends - Wallis Parfitt & Matt Ridley

Bartholomew (the page) - James Cotter


The Play

Lucentio (a student) - James Dunk

Tranio (his servant) - David Finlay

Baptista Minola (a wealthy merchant) - Mark Bendell

Bianca (his younger daughter) - Kelly Barton

Katherina (his older daughter), the “shrew” - Samantha Ottaway

Gremio (suitor to Bianca) - Michael Boone

Hortensio (suitor to Bianca, and friend of Petruchio) - David Hill

Biondello (servant to Lucentio) - James Cotter

Petruchio (a gentleman of Verona) - Daniel McLoughlin

Gumio (his servant) - Matt Ridley

Curtis (housekeeper to Petruchio) - Susan Gunn-Johnson

Nathaniel (a servant to Petruchio) - Wallis Parfitt

The Pedant (a gullible gentleman) - Andrew Kent

Vincentio (father to Lucentio) - Steve Moore

The tailor - Ali Ransom

The model/maid to Baptista - Charlotte Vowles

The widow - Susan Gunn-Johnson



Written by - William Shakespeare

Director - Frances Manhire

Stage Management Team - Pete Stockman & Michelle Young

Crew - Daryl Wood

ASM - Jennifer Wilkins

Lighting - Phil Weeks

Sound - Neil Gill

Props - Helen Lawlor

Wardrobe - Gemma Pressey


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