Story Masters

10th - 13th June 2008

a devised piece.


Enter into a world where you will experience the battle of the 'STORY MASTERS'.


Where Ninjas win the hearts of Princesses, where brothers turn into crows and a stone flower will capture your soul.


With the clever use of film/animation, music and puppets Exeter Little Theatre Youth Company bring to life the world of the STORY MASTERS.



Adam Buckley

Eamon Ridgley

Sarah Hill

Sam Emmerson

Lloyd Warren

Paul Looby

Sarah Rose Vickery

Dean McMullen

Johanna De Wolf

Maddy Ridgley

Amy Mules

Jack Woodcock

Zak Reed



Director - Melody Hunter Evans

Assistant Directors -

Rosie Giles, Rose Hunter & Georgina Trevor

Technical Director - Craig Grieve

Film Facilitator - Josh Gaunt

Animation Faciltators - Syuart Dawson & Susan Elliott

Puppet Makers - Perry Evans & Rose Hunter

Designer - Catherine Thomas

Set Construction - Neil Gill & Phil Weeks

Chaperones -

 Gill Cree, Sarah Mules, Jackie Tordini & Helen Warren

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