Lady Windermere's Fan

26th - 30th October 2004



Lady Windermere - Laura Goulden

Parker - Stewart Church

Lord Darlington - David Hill

Duchess of Berwick - Aline Higdon

Lady Agatha - Jenny Moseley

Lord Windermere - Ben Knibbs

Mr Dumby - Michael Titcombe

Mr Hopper - Liam Taborn

Lord Augustus Lorton - John Hill

Cecil Graham - David Emmings

Lady Plymdale - Gill Cree

Mrs Erlynne - Susan Gunn-Johnson

Rosalie, a maid - Fleur Mountjoy


At Lady Windermere’s birthday dance

Mrs Cowper-Cowper - Rose Smith

Lady Stutfield - Margaret Bond

Sir James Royston - Chris Lejeune

Mr Guy Berkeley - Chris Priddle

Mr Rufford - Peter Webber

Lady Jedburgh - Fran Manhire

Miss Graham - Fleur Mountjoy

Lady Paisley - Hannah Rowley



Written by - Oscar Wilde

Director & Designer - Eleanor Dowling

Production manager - Stewart Church

Set Painting/Construction - Margaret Bond & Stewart Church

Wardrobe - Alex Bond and John Clotworthy of Attic Costumes

Fans - Margaret and Alex Bond

Lighting & Sound- Simon Ewings

Stage Manager - Chris Priddle

ASM - Irene Mogridge & Jenni Wilkins

DSM - Hannah Rowley

Furniture Supplied by - Northcott Theatre, Exeter

Photography - John Graddon

Poster Design - Ellie Dowling

© Exeter Little Theatre Company        Registered Charity: 204010


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