27th Dec 2010 - 8th Jan 2011

Get swept away by one of the most enchanting fairy tales of all time, as Exeter Little Theatre Company brings to life the most loved pantomime, Cinderella, at the Exeter Barnfield Theatre this Christmas. Following on from the success of Aladdin last year, this promises to be Exeter’s most glittering and magical pantomime, where all your dreams can come true.


This classic rags to riches story tells us of poor Cinderella, the girl with a good heart, who is picked on by her Ugly Sisters and Wicked Step Mother and confined to the kitchen. Then it seems her luck could be about to change, as the handsome prince decides to throw a royal ball and invite all the ladies in the Kingdom. However, Cinderella’s hopes are dashed when her Wicked Step Mother tells her she cannot go the ball.


But when Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother appears, with a wave of her magic wand, Cinderella’s rags turn into a stunning ball gown, a pumpkin magically transforms into a glittering coach, mice turn into horses and frogs turn into a driver and footman. With beautiful crystal slippers, and magic that runs out at midnight, it can only mean one thing…..


With singing, dancing, slapstick, fantastic scenery, spectacular costumes, a live band, hilarious Ugly Sisters, a handsome Prince, and everyone's favourite leading lady, Cinderella herself, this really is a magical pantomime not to be missed.


(in order of appearance)


Cinderella - Kate Thomas

Fairy Godmother - Catherine Moore

Joe King - Ali Ransom

Josh Ing - Ryan Ellis

Baron Hardup - Steve Tordini

Jezebelle Hardup - Jason Salmon

Bimbo Hardup - Matt Ridley

Buttons - David Finlay

Grizelda Hardup - Morgaine Wilkinson

Prince Charming - Sammi Ottaway

Dandini - Sara Clapp



Lizzie Bialyk, Naomi Clapp, Emma Durston, Molly Emmerson, Adrian Fox, Ryan Hardy, Georgia Harwood, Simon Leach, Chelsea Anne Lee, Amy Mules, Mollie Phillips Hughs, Danielle Richards, Lloyd Warren & Rosie Watts


Pumpkin Team:

Bethany Adams, Naomi Harris, Jordan Leach & Paris Leach


Carriage Team:

Maisie Clarke, Stan Clarke, Jenna Satterly, Thea Satterly & Millie Parr



Keys - Simon Carter

Trumpet - Anthony Lees

Woodwind - Laura Hutchings

Guitar - Nathan Collman

Bass - Phil Williams

Drums - Josh Williams



Director - Rob Luke

Assistant Director - Pip Hill

Writer - Pip Hill

Production Manager - Rob Luke

Production Secretary - Jackie Tordini

Choreographer - Sarah Carter

Stage Manager - Phil Weeks

Asst Stage Manager - Mark Bendell

Dept Stage Manager - Pete Stockman

Musical Director - Simon Carter

Lighting & Sound - Dan Marks & Jamie Ransom

Follow Spot Operator - James Emmerson

Set Design - Debbie Mitchell

Set Painters - Debbie Mitchell & Michelle Young

Set Construction & Effects - Mark Bendell, Kevin Clarke, Neil Gill, Dan Marks, Jamie Ransom, Peter Stockman & Phil Weeks

Stage Crew - Kevin Clarke, Sophie Luff, Pete Stockman, Daryl Wood & Michelle Young

Props - Phil Ellis & Helen Lawlor

Wardrobe - Sandi Brant, Gill Cree, Lisa Leach, Jackie Tordini

Dressers - Rose Smith & Paul Warren

Head Chaperone - Jackie Tordini

Chaperones - Sandi Brant, Angela Clarke, Jayne Hill, Lisa Leach & Kirsten Satterly

Glitter Consultant - Lewis Law

Front of House - Members of ELTC

Publicity - Rob Luke, Jamie Ransom, Pete Stockman & Members of ELTC

Photography - Lewis Law

Design & Print - Pete Stockman & Backstage Supplies

© Exeter Little Theatre Company        Registered Charity: 204010


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