1st - 10th October 2009





Original production directed by Martin Charnin.

Originally produced by Irwin Meyer, Stephen R. Friedman, Lewis Allen, Alvin Nederlander Associates Inc.,

The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Icarus Productions.

Based on "Little Orphan Annie" (R) by permission of the Tribune Media Services Inc.

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD on behalf of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of NEW YORK


The heart-warming tale of little orphan Annie, brought to life this October at The Exeter Barnfield Theatre by Exeter Little Theatre Company.


The tale of the girl deserted by her parents, and left in an orphanage presided over by the wicked Miss Hannigan, with only a broken locket and a promise that one day they will return. Luckily Annie manages to escape orphanage life when she is chosen to spend Christmas with one of America's richest men, Oliver Warbucks. Annie is delighted that with his help, the search for her parents begins!


With a musical score that will keep you singing for weeks. A wonderfully enjoyable experience you won't want to miss!



Annie - Martha Bowen or Hannah Thompson

Miss Hannigan - Julia Green

Grace Farrell - Totty Tucker

Daddy Warbucks - Wally Cotgrave

Rooster Hannigan - Joe McNulty

Lily St Regis - Sarah Reed



Pepper - Billie Pulman or Emma Durston

Duffy - Esther Bateman or Megan Towers

July - Hannah Farnhill or Georgia Harwood

Kate - Emily Bunclark or Amy Mules

Tessie - Chloe Soby or Molly Emmerson

Molly - Millie Parr or Olivia Murphy

Jeannie -  Amelia Perry or Nicola Court

Elsie - Ellie Rush or Kate Middleton


Sandy the Dog - Rusty Killen

Bundles - Steve Tordini

Dog Catcher  - Simon Leach

Asst Dog catcher - Rob Chav

Lt Ward - Peter Tomlinson

Police Officer - Simon Leach


NYC Chorus - Mark Bendell, Steve Tordini, Jason Salmon, Shaun Patchett, Simon Leach, Ali Ransom, Nici Buckley, Jan Chave, Jenny Arnott, Samantha Ottaway, Lizzie Rowley, Orla Kelly.

Children in NYC - Amelia Perry & Ellie Rush or Nicola Court & Kate Middleton

NYC Starlet - Catherine Moore

NBC Radio Studio - Bert Healy, Steve Tordini, Fred McCracken, Jason Salmon.

Boylan Sisters - Catherine Moore, Sara Clapp, Samantha Ottaway

Sound Effects Man - Shaun Patchett

Masked Announcer - Simon Leach


Sophie - Ali Ransom

Eddie - Mark Bendell

Al - Jason Salmon

Hank - Rob Chave

Frank - Steve Tordini

Chuck -   Shaun Patchett

Gertrude - Catherine Moore

Florence - Jenny Arnott

Susie - Orla Kelly

Patsy - Lizzie Rowley

Jane - Jan Chave

Mattie - Sara Clapp


Warbucks' Mansion:

Drake - Rob Chave

Mrs Pugh - Nici Buckley

Mrs Greer - Sara Clapp

Cecille - Catherine Moore

Annette - Orla Kelly

Maids - Samantha Ottaway, Lizzie Rowley, Jenny Arnott.

Servants - Shaun Patchett, Jason Salmon, Simon Leach, Mark Bendell.


White House:

President Roosevelt - Steve Tordini

Frances Perkins - Jan Chave

Morganthau - Jason Salmon

Ickes - Mark Bendell

Cordelia Hull - Ali Ransom

Louie Howe - Simon Leach

Marine Guard -Shaun Patchett

Brandeis - Peter Tomlinsonl



Director  - Lyn Burgoyne

Choreographer - Nicholette Pollard

Assistant Choreographer - Suzanne Marriott

Production Manager - Rob Luke

Stage Manager - Neil Gill

ASM - Michelle Young

Musical Director - Catherine Warren

Lighting & Sound Designer - Amy Spencer

Lighting Operatior - Chris Davis

Sound Operator -Jamie Ransom

Set - The Real Scenery Co

Additional Scenery - Karen Mitchell

Set Construction - Mark Bendell, Hannah Brooks, Kevin Brooks, Phil Weeks, Stage Crew, Pat Bensberg, Hannah Brooks, Kevin Brooks, Stewart Church,   Kevin Clarke, Sophie Luff, Tony Wisson.

Props - Helen Lawlor, Sarah Mules

Wardrobe - Nici Buckley, Jill Euridge, Chelsea Harris, Lisa Leach, Rose Smith.

Head Chaperone - Jackie Tordini

Chaperones- Sandi Brant, Angela Davies, Jayne Hill, Lisa Leach,  Suzanne Marriott, Nicholette Pollard, Lynn Towers, Claire Wills

Front of House - Members of ELTC

Publicity - Rob Luke

Photography - Lewis Law

Design & Print - Backstage Supplies





 Piano - Claire Phillips

Guitar/Banjo - Chris Weightman

Cellist - Jo Cartwright

Drums - Steve Pike

Reeds  - Nick White, Susan White

2nd Reeds - Rachel Parvin (Sat 10th only)

© Exeter Little Theatre Company        Registered Charity: 204010


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