Ali Baba

27th December 2015 - 9th January 2016

This year we’re off on a magic carpet ride to the land of the thousand and one Arabian Nights in the company of the good, but not very clever Ali Baba and his many friends.


Panto fun is guaranteed for all as we join the hapless Ali on his adventures through the desert to find the secret treasure hidden in the Robbers Cave, where he can claim riches beyond his wildest dreams. Help Ali and his friends to discover the magical treasure and outwit the forty rather nasty thieves.


As ever, plenty of audience participation, comedy and slapstick fun is guaranteed.



Scheherazade - Leanne Fennell-Green

Ali Baba - Steve Moore

Mrs Ali Baba - Glenn Cosby

Hamid - Sophie Smith

Morgiana - Nikki Court

Cassim - Dick Court

Corgia - Gill Smith

Abdullah - Mark Bendel

Hasserac - Joe Blackman

Casserac - Thea Satterly

Ermintrude - Amy Copland, Beth Adams, Sasha Ousley & Maisie Clarke



Beth Adams, Joanne Austin, Maisie Clarke, Amy Copland, Holly Court, Evie Derbyshire, Alexandra Fearn-Smith, Jennifer Harlow, Kim Hayes, Evie Hutchings, Laila Ouerghi, Sasha Ousley, Teresa Stewart, Charlotte Wayland & Ryan Whitehead


Blue Team

Isabelle Cocking, Eleanor Fearn-Smith, Sarah Moore & Abigail Morris


Red Team

Olivia Derbyshire, Eleanor Fearn-Smith, Mia Iglesias & Zoe Iglesias


The Band

Keys - Simon Carter & Allan Fouracre

Reeds - Laura Morris

Bass - Phil Williams

Drums - Steve Douglas / Gary Evans


CREW continued

Writer  - Michael Harrison and Steve Arnott for Grimaldi Pantomime

Director  - Isobel Court

Production Manager - Michelle Young

Musical Director - Simon Carter

Choreographer - Nicholette Pollard

Dance Captain - Jasmine Tapp

Stage Managers  - Neil Gill & Peter Stockman

Assistant Stage Manager - Bob Guerin

Lighting & Sound Design - StS - Stage technical Services

Lighting Operator - Alan Woodger

Sound Operator - Josh Stone

Scenic Design - Debbie Mitchell

Set Construction & Stage Crew - Kevin Clarke, Luke Farrow, David Finlay, Neil Gill, Bob Guerin, David Gunn-Johnson, Daniel McLoughlin, Peter Stockman,

Michelle Young & Phil Weeks

Props - Michelle Young

Wardrobe - Kez Chun & Donna Hodge

Make-up - Emily Kay

Head Chaperone - Lynda Adams

Chaperones - Paddy Cocking, Jane Fearn-Smith, Charo Guerrero, Lyn Burgoyne, Alison Ashcroft, Jackie Tordini & Lisa Leach

Front of House  - Members of ELTC co-ordinated by Gill Cree & Richard Satterly

Photography - Lewis Law

Design & Print  - Backstage Supplies -


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