27th Dec 2009 - 9th Jan 2010

Once again ELTC return to the Exeter Barnfield Theatre with the magical pantomime, Aladdin.


Take a trip to Old Peking, and follow Aladdin on his quest to find a magic lamp for the evil magician Abanazar. When Aladdin finds the magic lamp he discovers the Genie, and his fortunes change for the better, until Abanazar kidnaps his true love Princess Lotus Flower.


Back in Widow Twankey’s laundry she is trying to get the Emperor’s undies ready for collection, but can she manage it with a misbehaving washing machine and a bad tempered dryer? Expect to see lashings of foam, bouncing laundry balls, flying pants and a dame with her gusset caught in the mangle!


There will be the usual singing, dancing, and slapstick, plus loads of laundry, including the Emperor’s smalls. Also keep an eye out for a magic carpet, Harry Potter and even the Ghostbusters!



(in order of appearance)


Abanazar - Mark Bendell

Spirit of the Ring - Lizzie Rowley

Wishee Washe - Matt Ridley

Widow Twanky - Rob Luke

Kung-Fu - Sam Emmerson

Aladdin - Samantha Ottaway

Ping - Sara Clapp

Pong - Simon Leach

Emperor Foo-Yung - Steve Tordini

Princess Lotus Flower - Kate Thomas

So Shi - Lizzie Rowley

Genie of the Lamp - James Emmerson



Danny Buckley, Emily Bunclark, Ryan Ellis, James Emmerson, Molly Emmerson, Emma Furzer, Naomi Harris, Jordan Leach, Paris Leach, Kate Middleton, Amy Mules, William Rae, Danni Richards, Lizzie Rowley, Thea Satterly, Megan Towers, Lloyd Warren, Elizabeth Way & George Way



Piano - Catherine Warren

Bass - Chris Weightman

Guitar - Haydn Bonadie

Sax /Clarinet - Sarah Deane

Drums - Steve Pike



Director - Ali Ransom

Production Manager - Rob Luke

Choreographers - Hannah Brooks, Sarah Carter, Mandy Plumridge, Lizzie Rowley

Stage Managers - Neil Gill, Phil Weeks

Musical Director - Catherine Warren

Lighting & Sound - Jamie Ransom, Phil Weeks

Special Effects - Alan Woodger

Set Design & Painters - Rob Ansell, Jenny Arnott, Becci Daniels, Helen Lawlor, Karen Mitchell, Michelle Young

Glitter Consultant - Lewis Law

Set Construction - Mark Bendell, Pat Bensberg, Kevin Brooks, Kevin Clarke, Neil Gill, Peter Stockman, Phil Weeks, Alan Woodger

Stage Crew - Jenny Arnott, Pat Bensberg, Hannah Brooks, Kevin Brooks, Kevin Clarke, Sophie Luff, Peter Stockman, Michelle Young

Props - Phil Ellis, Helen Lawlor, Sarah Mules

Wardrobe - Nici Buckley, Jill Euridge, Lisa Leach, e7e Theatrical Costumes

Dressers - Chelsea Harris, Rose Smith, Paul Warren

Make Up - Jess Golby

Head Chaperone - Jackie Tordini

Chaperones - Jenny Arnott, Sandi Brant, Nici Buckley, Jayne Hill, Lisa Leach, Ali Ransom, Lynn Towers, Amanda Way

Front of House - Members of ELTC

Publicity - John Burgoyne, Rob Luke, Samantha Ottaway, Jackie Tordini, Members of ELTC

Original Drawings - Karen Mitchell

Photography - Lewis Law

Design & Print - Backstage Supplies

© Exeter Little Theatre Company        Registered Charity: 204010


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