A Midsummer Nights Dream

26th June 2010 - 3rd July 2010

As one of Shakespeare’s best loved plays, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is a comical tale full of confused identities and love at first sight. Set in the Athenian forest it follows four young lovers, Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius and Helena as they escape parental control and stumble into fairyland, where King Oberon and Queen Titania cause chaos in the mortal world.


Whether you are a fan of the bard or never been introduced, this is a sensational play full of romance and enchantment with amusing complications along the way. As they say ‘The course of true love never did run smooth’.

With “rude mechanicals” playing actors and interfering fairies rocking the path, ELTC transports you into a wonderful story designed to make you laugh.



The Court

Hippolyta - Morgaine Wilkinson

Theseus - Rob Luke

Page - Molly Emmerson


The Lovers

Hermia - Kelly Barton

Helena - Samantha Ottaway

Lysander - Matt Ridley

Demetrius - Jon Domaille


The Mechanicals

Nick Bottom - Daniel McLoughlin

Peter Quince - Ali Ransom

Francis Flute - Ryan Ellis

Tom Snout - Sophie Luff

Robin Starveling - Emma Furzer

Snug - Lloyd Warren


The Fairies

Puck - Kate Thomas

Oberon - Rob Luke

Titania - Morgaine Wilkinson

Peaseblossom - Amy Mules

Cobweb - Danielle Richards

Moth - Paris Leach

Mustardseed - Molly Emmerson

Rosewood - Emma Furzer



Written by - WilliamShakespeare

Director - Hannah Brooks

Producer - Rob Luke

Stage Manager - Michelle Young

Lighting & Sound - Neil Gill, Jamie Ransom, Phil Weeks

Set Construction - Mark Bendell

Painting - Neil Gill, Helen Lawlor, Karen Mitchell, Pete Stockman, Phil Weeks

Stage Crew - Mark Bendell, Kevin Brooks, Peter Stockman

Props - Helen Lawlor, Sarah Mules

Wardrobe - Sharon Brooks, Chelsea Harris, Lisa Leach

Head Chaperone - Jackie Tordini

Chaperones - Sandi Brant, Helen Lawlor, Sarah Mules

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